What happened to all the RGBW 10mm connectors?

I’m in need of help as I feel like I’m in some strange parallel universe where the LED manufacturers and the connector manufacturers don’t agree on what size LED strips are.

TL;DR where is this 12mm 5-pin LED strip to cable connector in a 10mm version?

The Issue;
I have a set of 4 x 1m wall mounted shelves stacked above each other and I want HA-controlled RGBW LED’s on top of each one. My plan was to buy a 4m long RGBW LED strip and cut it to 4 lengths, then join each together with a separate length of 5-core cable so I had the whole shelving unit acting as a single light setup.

I bought everything off ebay including the Magic-Home ready LED set, the 5-pin cable and some easy snap connectors for joining the two (same link as in the TL;DR). Only when I came to start cutting LED strips and cable did I find out there was such a thing as 10mm and 12mm LED strips. I had a 10mm wide LED strip and my connector was 12mm. Not an issue I thought, I’ll buy the 10mm equivalent. Oh no. I’ve now searched the internet for hours and there is simply not a sign of these tiny components, so I’m now contemplating having to upgrade the whole RGBW strip to 12mm.

Funnily enough in looking for new LED strips I’ve come across more and more 10mm sets so am amazed there’s no connectivity for them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to connect 10mm RGBW LED strips a meter apart? I see they sell these snap connectors with cables to join two strips just 17cm apart, and I could cut them and connect the cables to the length I bought, but that’s 30 connections (5 cables six times) and I’d rather have a fast and reliable solution.