What happens when I put my Zwave Stick in a 'fresh' AIO PI?

A few months ago I got an extra RPI3 so I had a fallback when my current one would crash. I make roughly weekly backups of all my /homeassisttant files. So also the zwcfgxxxx.xml file.

I was wondering if I’m not missing anything essential around the zwave part. Can I just plug the Aeon USB dongle into a ‘fresh’ PI and can it rebuild the zwave part from there or is there other stuff that I need to make sure I backup?

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It depends. Your zwcfg*** file is essential so that all of your zwave entities are named the same thing and are recognized as the correct manufacturer. Your configuration.yaml and groups.yaml are essential to make sure all of your configuration is still there in addition to any other yaml files that are linked in the configuration.yaml file. At minimum I have migrated with just the configuration and zwcfg*** file and put the stick into the same port…