What hardware for start from scratch home?

I’m moving into a new home in a couple weeks and I’m going to have the opportunity to start my system from scratch. The electrical switches and such are all that super old Almond color so I will be replacing everything. What would you do for a start from scratch setup if you had around 1k to 2k and already had a pi and about 10 misc sonoff devices.

Not talking about hardware in first place. If you are going to work on the electricity, make sure you have a neutral in every switch box.

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I’m not sure what it’s going to look like but I’m hoping there is. If not, I suppose it’s a rewire

There goes your “1k to 2k” or even more if it’s a rewire. There are switches that work without a neutral but they are not ideal. Unless you do straight WiFi switches, you’ll need a hub. Zwave, Zigbee, Lutron, etc, all require a hub for “smart” control of the devices. Technically WiFi requires a hub, but that’s your wireless router.

I would just tell the wife the rewire had to happen even if we didn’t do a smart home :slight_smile:


Get ubiquiti wifi. Not just for home assistant, equally for your sanity.

Thank you, I love my unifi setup!