What hardware similar to Xiaomi Smart Gateway and its accessory do you RECOMMEND for HA?

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Since I probably won’t be able to connect Xiaomi Smart Gateway with it’s accessories to HA (since it’s the EU version DGNWG05LM) what alternatives do you recommend?

I would like something similar to Xiaomi Mi Smart Wireless Switch, Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor and Xiaomi Mi Window and Door Sensor. They are wireless and awesome, I can’t find anything similar that would work with HA :frowning:

Something that works so smoothly and it’s so cheap like Sonoff mini or Tuya lighbulbs would be great.

Use www.zigbee2mqtt.io - you can still use the xiaomi devices but use a dongle instead of the hub. Works perfectly with HA.

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+1 for using the Xiaomi devices with a ZigBee stick. Personally I use the ConBee II and different Xiaomi devices such as door sensors, temp, water leak etc. and also other ZigBee devices like bulbs from Philips Hue and switches from IKEA.

Yep I agree :slight_smile:

u can use SONOFF ZBBridge. its easier to design your zigbee network since u can move your zigbee coordinator anywhere. it is Tasmota , so easier

Like zigbee2mqtt :slight_smile:

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With Zigbee2mqtt, the coordinator is connected to your HA device through USB. Whereas the Sonoff ZBB Bridge has a WiFi connection to HA. So it is a little more flexible in terms of placing it centrally in your house. Or do you mean something else?

Nonsense. In zigbee2mqtt the co-ordinator is attached to any computer that has access to your lan, and can be placed anywhere in your house, just the same as you describe.

This is the beauty of networking :slight_smile:

Alright. Then this video convinced me why Sonoff is a tad easier.

I’m using both CC2531 + zigbee2mqtt and Xiaomi gateway. All the sensors are connected to the Xiaomi gateway where the rest of the zigbee switches/plug are connected to cc2531 stick.

I find there is delay if using Xiaomi gateway to control the switches/plug as I believe it gotta ping to its server. But sensors are pretty much quick without noticeable delay.

Thanks for your answers.

Unfortunately non of the zigbee2mqtt compatible devices are available for me to buy in reasonable time, so I just ordered SONOFF ZBBridge… and while I was on SONOFF site I saw SONOFF sensors that are actually cheaper than the Xiaomi ones and probably have better integration with SONOFF app, eWeLink. I also have SONOFF mini devices so I have positive opinion about their devices. So I bought them instead of Xiaomi.