What Home Assistant items are on your Christmas wishlist?


I’m trying to figure out what I want for Christmas this year. I’m looking for some ideas! What items are on your lists and why?


Time, time to work on my system.


Free Home Assistant cloud. LOL


Home Assistant Cloud remote access feature released, as well as a Yearly payment plan.
Then I could ask the wife/relatives to pay for that! :smiley:

Other than that, just time… I need to start again from scratch to set up my config neater (split it out) and to get my head around MQTT to set up my 8 sonoff basics that have been sat in my home office for 5 months now… :frowning:


Not really an ‘item’, but I got myself a 120GB SSD.
Now I wish to be able to boot my RPi 3 from it without too much trial & error, pain, and not too many late nights.


For me a solid reliable and not super expensive two wire smart switch. My house has no neutral wires and my wife and in laws use switches.


Last year I had seen good deals around Black Friday for the Sense Energy Monitor, around $200 if I am not mistaken, but no such luck this year, the lowest it went to was $240. I did pick up a 3 camera Arlo Pro for $279 from Amazon and playing with that now.


A friend and I ordered some NodeMCUs (ESP8266) and some BME 680. We will use them to monitor the air quality in our houses.

And I am looking for a smart vacuum cleaner which can be integrated into HA.


z-wave dimmers work with only 2 wires (no neutral) however they don’t quite meet the ‘not super expensive’ requirement very well, at least not in Australia


Sonoff in the ceiling behind the light fixture flashed with Tasmota and the existing switch wired into GPIO14? (I believe that’s the right pin?)

It’s what I’ll be going when/If I get time…


Conbee USB stick so that I can get rid of the Philips Hue Zigbee hub and upgrade the firmware of my IKEA Tradfri bulbs.

Also, more IKEA Tradfri bulbs :smiley:

Netatmo individual radiator valves, but might not have the budget for that…


Santa has a big budget, but it depends how good you have been.


My understanding is that In order to use sonoff behind the wall you still need a neutral wire.


If the Sonoff is in the roof/ceiling space then there would be access to a neutral. You can then use the two wires that go to the light switch as signal wires for the GPIO connection


Sounds like I have a Christmas project.


I feel like I have seen a how to somewhere in the forums, but I can’t seem to find it. You know where I might be able to find one? I know the basics, flashing changing the GPIO pin via the OTA console, just want make sure I do it right.


I personally don’t have any Sonoffs so haven’t done it, however this guy on YouTube is awesome and has a bunch of tutorials that should help.



Xiaomi has those but requires a hub. Works just great but the no N wire it supports up to 800W only.