What installations will a snapshot restore bring back?


I have a Pi 4 with HassOS installation. I am using a few integrations there and a few from other servers like dasshio. Also I am using custom integrations via HACS.

I want to change over to SSD boot as the Pi 4 will hopefully allow this.

When I am making a snapshot on my current installation, will all this be restored in the new installation I want to create on the SSD?

Normally yes. If you have samba installed, I would also copy the contents of /config (and the hidden directories beneath) to a safe place, just to be sure.

One thing that probably cause problems : your recorder database. After restore, you will probably need to delete that. A new one will be create after HA restart.

So all things will be installed afterwards? That is really great!

What is this for a database? What is stored inside?

Your history/logbook


Ah, OK. That is not really that important!