What inventory management / ERP software do you use?

I’m tidying up my workshop, and I would to start organizing all my components and materials with some inventory software. I think it would also be fun (and very nerdy) to add all of our tools, belongings, appliances, equipment, etc. (Would be also be interesting to get an accurate value for our home contents insurance.)

I saw the Grocy add-on for home assistant, and was wondering if there is a similar add-on for some inventory management software? I found InvenTree and PartKeepr.

I could set up one of these on my Debian server, but Home Assistant is actually a really good platform for installing and running software as an add-on. I like how it handles all the updates, backups, integrates the UI into the sidebar, starts the container on boot and restarts if it crashes, etc. Also proxies the port so that I can use the same domain name that is already configured with SSL, etc.

Is there already an add-on for InvenTree? Is it difficult to create one? Or is there an add-on for something similar?

Here’s the ideal features I’m looking for:

  • Can add electronic components
  • Fields for specific details like resistance, voltage, etc. so I can search/filter and find the right part I’m looking for
  • Can add photos of the components
  • Can add a storage area - e.g. a photo of the drawer or cupboard where I’ve put things
  • Can include a link to the webpage where I bought them.
  • Can include PDF or plain text manuals and datasheets
  • Can include price (in multiple currencies)
  • Has a streamlined mobile app where I can quickly take photos of products and add them to the database
  • Integration with a bluetooth label maker (I have a Brother P-Touch Cube - PT-P300BT.) Would be nice to easily print labels for storage trays and cupboards

I haven’t looked too closely, but I believe InvenTree does most or all of these things. But I’m open to other software if there’s already a Home Assistant add-on that’s easy to install and set up.

In the meantime, I’ll try out the install script for InvenTree, since it supports Debian 11, and I’m already running Debian 11 for Home Assistant. If it works well then I’ll think about creating an HA add-on.


Grocy actually supports adding custom fields to existing records or creating new record types from scratch. And it has a default inventory you can expend with the fields you need.