What is a good place to start with node red

I feel rather stupid by now. Maybe my age altoug when designing hardware there is no problem;)
Looked to pages of examples like this one
And there even the 2nd exaple does not match
I do not get the persistant notification working, The configuration screen is diferent and I do not get notification working.
But everywhere I look I see the most interesting flows But I get stuk in what to enter in a node.
Is there any page wit simple working examples like

where this kind of things get explained for a biginner. In my case nothing happens wit the light when I change the switch.

Just like the example how to use node red to switch on a light . I know how to do ik in HA alone of course. But want to try out and get used to NR
After days of searching I get rather frustratded. I come from Domoticz where I had a lot of things working pretty soon, but in HA Nothings works out for me at the momen.
One of the things I would like to use are Vacation timer Which would trigger a series of actions on given moments But when I even cannog get a light switched on???

So in general, in this case NodeRed is just taking the commands from Homeassistant and executing them. So anything you can do with HomeAssistant Automations, you can also translate into a NodeRed flow. Sometimes NodeRed makes things a bit easier, and sometimes some workarounds are needed for things that are easy to do in HomeAssistant. Hang in there, once you get the main idea of nodered things are getting much easier very fast.

In your example, if i read correctly you want the light to “turn on” when the input_boolean.vakantie is switched on by you. However, looking at the screenshot you are actually submitting the command “Turn Off”.

Anyway, what i would recommend you to do is by starting with manual triggering of flows in NodeRed.
In order to do this, put an inject node into your flow and connect it your Woonkamer lichstrip node.
It doesn’t matter what you inject at that point. You can use that to simply trigger the command and see if that works for you. Work backwards from there.

Furthermore, in your NodeRed UI you should see a help tab on the right side.

This will explain the different nodes and how to use them in general.

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