What is a modern multizone audio amplifier working with HA?

What is a modern multizone audio amplifier working with HA? I am looking for a system that has multiple audio zones that I can send audio out to. Something like the Trueaudio A.6-VSSL

Monoprice 6-zone amplifier has an integration in HA. You’ll need to connect the amplifier via serial to the machine running HA to control it.

This or the monoprice (2) channel 1/2U amps.

Not need connect direct to HA server but can use Raspberry pi or similar running HA and connect (2) HA.

I think best method for “built-in” audio at this point is utilize amp connected to Pi, Google home or Alexa as source devices and audio volume control. These device have group function that allow the whole home playback.

in wall Volume control is optional per zone to allow individual room volume adjust but honestly I use each channel as mono zone vs stereo and each zone(room) has source so individual room volume not needed.

I had a Russound connected via Ethernet. Moved house and sitting in cupboard at mo but it worked well with early iterations of HA. You can get them for a reasonable price on eBay.
N.B The MCA-C3/C5 is the last series before Russound locked things down to dealers only so you can configure this yourself if you have the software.

You could invest in Roon software then buy any Roon Ready amp. There is a Roon link to home assistant but control is limited to playlists and internet radio. The Roon app is still needed for library and tidal search but it’s a great interface. Depends what you want home assistant to add to your audio experience.

I switched to Roon from Sonos. I love the improved sound quality but get most of the best bits from Sonos multi room.

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