What is added to the configuation.yaml when "default_config:" is used?

What is the “default_config:” adding to my configuration,?

I can’t seem to find the details of “default_config:” anywhere.

Thank you.

Which links you to here:

Which gives you the list of the items included.



Technically speaking, nothing gets added to config yaml by adding default_config: except the setting default_config:

The software doesn’t modify configuration yaml

Interesting… I don’t use cloud and I use a custom_component for sun… It’s a shame you can’t tell default_config to not load specific components as it would be quite useful not having to add for example system_health or mobile_app etc…

As far as I understand it, default_config is a set of tools. So if you want specific ones, just add them one by one instead

Yes - that is what I have done… but new options have been added recently like mobile_app and zeroconf, system_health and others and you need to know they have to be manually added (and sometimes this is not in the release notes) so an exclusion list under default_config would be a good idea.


just to be sure:
default_config doesn’t take away the need for the homeassistant: at the top of the configuration.yaml does it?

It’s just that I see a lot of posts of members here, sharing the config file, which hasn’t got that entry, and hence all customizations are not materialized (since that has to go under homeassistant: )

secondly: if one is updating from an earlier HA version, which has all of these keys already, does it still add the default_config?

It’s a good question… not having setup a new system in forever, the move of the name and location/TZ/system to the config panel… I don’t know if they are including the homeassistant ket at the top or not… Surely it’s still included as a lot of things require that to be there… customisation, packages, etc…

I don’t believe its included by default on new installs, Just been assisting someone on github and they dont have it. Trying to get them to add it and customize: to see if it fixes there issue with customizations

Also updater is there yet the docs say (although I am not sure this is still correct??)

As Hass.io has its own schedule for release it doesn’t make sense to use this component on Hass.io.

this is particularly important with the new ssdp: key, responsible for the discovery of components/integrations.
Maybe even the main one :wink:

Ssdp is included in default_config

yes, I meant that is one of the keys needed, even if default_config isn’t used, or setup automatically

I’d like to use default_config but there is stuff in there I don’t want… It would be great if there was an exclude option for it like for discovery etc.

It’s odd the new config at install doesn’t include homeassistant though as I can’t really think of a case where a user won’t want to customize anything. Even if you use the GUI for customize it writes to and uses the customize yaml file and that fails if homeassistant isn’t in config.


agree! let this be a feature request. i want to use default_config except the Map. It would be great if you could turn on/off integrations.


Wondering if this is on the road-map at all, being able to disable specific integrations rather than having to enable them all by name (and potentially miss out on new integrations as a result) in order to disable one or two would be hugely welcome!


I agree, it would be nice!

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Yes, I agree. There are a number of integrations that are getting loaded which I am not using at all. Has this been raised with the core team?

Feel free to vote here :