What is better control4 or home assistant

I am unsure if i should switch my home assistant system for a control4 one which one is best?

It depends on how you define “best”. I recently moved into a house with a C4 system after coming from a home with Hubitat and Home Assistant.

C4 is a dealer system. Users cannot add any components to the system. There is some ability for users to program devices once installed. Depending on your usage patterns that might be OK. If you are a tinkerer it might not.

From a functionality perspective there is a lot of overlap. The one area where C4, or most other dealer systems, exceed a DIY type platform is control of AV equipment. Especially video. The remotes are good and work all the time, not just most of the time. Harmony gets about 80% of the way there, but they’re on the way out of business.

C4 has a line of lighting controls. They are pretty good. They’re in the same functionality class as Lutron RadioRA 2. Better than any Z-Wave stuff.

Finally, there is the cost. Entry into C4 is high, but not outrageous. Many 3rd party device drivers are not free and some of them are expensive. You need to make sure you have a good dealer that works with you and doesn’t nickel and dime you for system changes.

I am still figuring my own systems out, but I’ve tentatively decided to use the C4 for AV control and put most everything else on Hubitat and/or Home Assistant. There is a C4 MQTT driver that I have not yet installed. I imagine that will be part of my system at some point.

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I would think that since you are asking on a forum dedicated to Home Assistant everyone here would vote for HA.

Otherwise, they would be using C4 instead of HA and would have no reason to be on this forum to answer your question.



Perhaps they skipped logic class in school.

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