What is currently the best solution for communication on 433MHz?


I would like to ask what is currently the best solution for communication on 433MHz?
I would like to be able to receive information from temperature sensors and water level sensors in the Home Assistant on RPi 4B.
Basically, all I need is to receive a signal and display the values in Lovelace.
I also take the option to broadcast on 433MHz as a bonus.

On a Pi I would go for RTL_433 library, you may choose your sensors from the list of supported protocols

If you already have those sensors, get an arduino or better esp and a 433mhz module and create a sketch to read the values and send them via mqtt.
If you have them not yet, use low power arduinos or esp and 433mhz boards to build your sensors, maybe even with a rtc module that can wakeup the microcontroller. Then send the values every like 1 hour via 433mhz with timestamp and maybe battery level and create like I said a master device that bridges the values to mqtt. This way you get, when properly done, see the mqtt integration manual, normal devices for HA.

Thanks for the anwers.
Could you please send a link to a specific manual / video describing what I need to do and what hardware to buy?
I already have 433Mhz sensors.
Now I would need to receive and display data from these sensors in HA running on RPi.

Here is the repository of rtl 433

I would first download the windows version, see if i see the sensors.
You will need a rtl sdr device.

OK, I ordered an RTL-SDR dongle. When it arrives, I will try it together with the Win version RTL_433.
If the sensors show up there, how do I get RTL_433 into HA?
I tried to install a third-party addon, but after inserting the link to GitHub, a invalid addon message appears.