What is default userid/pword after flashing usb card?

Hi there,

I’m completely new to hassOS. I have a rpi 4 (aragon) with a ssd of 240GB. And I just flashed a USB with latest hassOS version. Then I booted RPi using this flashed USB. Now, I pretend to clone it to the SDD in RPi. In order to do that, first I need to connect (ssh) to the current flashed hassOS and install and run rpi-clone. Problem: I couldn’t find default userid/pword for ssh in hassOS. Can any one give me a help with this, please?


There isn’t one, because SSH isn’t available by default.

You also can’t install and run rpi-clone.

You either need to:

  1. Install HAOS directly to the SSD
  2. Use the SSD as an external data disk