What is, is not, and should be, templatable

Hi devs (I guess that includes me since I’ve made a platform now :slight_smile: )

I asked about a templating problem I had here: Template value in "for" (time since trigger)
and it seems the answer is that the time for a for: in a trigger is not templatable.
I wonder why that is… and if we should fix it.

I haven’t looked at the code for templating, but if it’s just a question of getting around to templating more properties, then I’m happy to help out. Should we be adding templating to more things?

Also, as you can see in that thread, it’s hard to tell what can and what can not be templated. I spent over an hour trying to get that to work, when there was probably nothing wrong with my template except it was in a place that doesn’t allow templates.
Can we talk about how best to add this information to the docs?


I’d also like that everything possible was templatable. I would even remove the distinction between data and data_template, and other similar _template constructs.