What is masonry-view or hui-masonry-view?

Sorry if this is silly question, but I’ve seen it fly by here and there, and people use it (I’ve even spotted myself amongst those some while ago…) but I have no real idea what is is or does, other than having impact on the placing of card somehow.

Do we have a concise explanation somewhere in the Lovelace documentation?


It’s mentioned here.

a yes, and here: https://github.com/home-assistant/frontend/blob/178605664e97f4b8ec0ecc7f656ee81f66d8ac99/src/panels/lovelace/views/hui-masonry-view.ts


Not sure what the end-user can do here, even in the styling of things. Anyways, good to know what and where…

Looks like a tool for frontend developers for a soon to be released view blueprints system.