What is needed to create an integration? Trying to get HTD whole-house audio integrated into Home Assistant

I would like the company HTD to create an integration for their Lync whole-house audio system to integrate it with Home Assistant. Not sure how willing or able they are to do that though, as this is all they have about smart home integration and this page hasn’t changed in years.

Currently, there is some python code that meester-stoo has created, but a real integration would be great, as currently I have limited functionality and it is throwing errors in the logs all the time.

I’ve read in another thread about creating an HTD integration that an API would be beneficial. Is this the key to it all?

I’ve been able to get some files from HTD directly:

Serial Protocol

RS232 Codes

Feedback and Queries

So big picture, what actually goes into making an integration? What key pieces are needed? Does HTD have to release a public API for their hardware?

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https://developers.home-assistant.io/ start here.

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And when you are done with overall architecture, this is the place: Creating your first integration | Home Assistant Developer Docs