What is node002

What is node002? To my knowledge I don’t have anything attached on node002. Is this a representation of HA on the zwave network or something?

Some additional context would be helpful.

It’s the node directly after node001 and before node003

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In my system there is a node 002 that is listed as a “unknown node”. Node information claims it has two neighbors (1 and 47). Node 1 is my controller. Node 47 is the master bedroom lights. There are probably 60 other zwave devices between the controller and the master bedroom, it should have more neighbors. Since it has been there for as long as I can remember, I wanted to make sure that it isn’t a special port to either the zwave network, or to HA before I tried to remove it.

Any constructive help would be appreciated.

as far as i know there isn’t anything special about node002. I don’t have a node002 in my config. likely because I had attempted to add something then removed it later and I’m pretty sure that was a garage door opener that I couldn’t get working way back when.

Have you looked in the zwcfg_XXXXX.xml file to see if there are any hints in there as to what it might be?

If it is always in that state (initializing…) then I’d say it’s likely a battery powered sensor of some kind.