What is the battery percentage threshold for battery_low binary sensors?

I noticed that HA creates a binary_sensor.*battery_low for my battery powered devices, using the battery_low attribute. I’m struggling to find any information about the threshold for when battery_low changes to on. Is this configurable somewhere? (Most of my battery powerered devices come from zigbee2mqtt.)

I’m just curious to know if the threshold is 0%, 1%, 5%, etc.? I have a couple of sensors at 9% and I’m just wondering when I’m going to get the battery_low notification.

I’m using zigbee2mqtt and do not have any of these binary sensors for my battery powered devices.

I don’t even have a battery_low attribute:

Are you sure you have not added a third party integration that is creating these sensors?

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Ahh, thanks for having a look! I realized that these battery_low sensors are provided by the specific Zigbee devices that I’m using:

Battery_low (binary): Indicates if the battery of this device is almost empty.

So it sounds like this is when the battery is at 0% and about to die, or maybe ~1% and only has a few days left. I’ll see if this gives me enough warning, because I’d like to get around 2 weeks notice.