What is the best way to store "High Rate" sensor data

I have a “Energy Sensor” that send the following data every second:
1x Mains Voltage - Vac
1x Total Load - Watts
15x Individual current sensors - Watts - the sum of all 15 sensors is equal to the Total Load.

I was sending the data to HA via mqtt.
My HA is on a RPI4 - 4GB with a 256GB SSD

I had the data going into HA and it seemed to work fine, but now if i click on History, HA just hang.
I presume it is due to the large amount of data.

So what is the better way to do this?

I would say not storing in HA database but in a dedicated database like influxDB.
I mean direct feeding influxDB, not via Home Assistant.
You can send to MQTT, grab with node red and feed into influxDB from node red for example. You could also use Telegraf in between MQTT and InfluxDB.

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Hi Sébastien
Thank you for the pointers.
Let me start to do the RTFM thing and see how to go about doing that.