What is the best way to temporarily suspend/disable a single automation?

Is there a simple way to disable a single automation on a temporary basis short of editing and re-loading the relevant yaml file?

I have a view with some of my automations so I can turn them off as needed. Adding them to the front end provides a switch to turn it off.

Thanks! It is interesting to see that the default config adds a group card with all of the automations, which I found after commenting out my groups.yaml file from my configuration. So adding a group to my group.yaml file with some of my automations, did add the objects with switches.


view: yes
- sun.sun
- binary_sensor.stairwell_motion_sensor_4_0
- binary_sensor.basement_motion_sensor_5_0
- group.weather
- group.outside
- group.1st_floor
- group.2nd_floor
- group.sonos
- group.vacation
- group.Automation

- automation.rule_1_light_on_in_the_evening
- automation.rule_2_light_off_in_the_morning
- automation.rule_3_welcome_home_light_in_kitchen

I followed the idea of simply exposing the toggle in the UI.
And then I added an extra automation that re-enables the exposed automations every morning in case I forget if disabled them (Action: Call service, Service: automation.turn_on)