What is the difference between a calendar entity and schedule entity?

In my HA side bar, I have a page (http://homeassistant.local:8123/calendar) where I can create calendars and add events to them. Separately, I can create schedule helpers (http://homeassistant.local:8123/config/helpers). Calendars seem a lot more useful for recurring events; I can’t figure out how to make an even repeat on a schedule. However, schedules seem more helpful for automation; I have an automation blueprint that I want to use (here) that can only use schedules.

So my question: how are these two things, calendars and schedules different, and why are there two of them instead of just one concept? Can I merge them somehow, or cause calendar events to create schedule events?

  • A schedule entity handles simple daily schedules for a week. For example, on Mondays, turn on at 8:00 and off at 10:00. This is repeated every Monday. You cannot use it to schedule an event for a specific date (like a birthday).

  • A calendar entity handles more complex schedules that can span days, weeks or months. It has most of the functionality you already use in a typical calendar app on your phone.

Both can be used to trigger an automation. Which one to use depends on the application’s requirements.

No. There’s no service call to create a schedule event.

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