What is the fastest platform?

A VM in windows, Synology? A pc with some version of Linux?
Papa Lanc

Fastest for what?

How fast do you need it to be?

How do you measure “fast”?

A Cray. But it’s been a while since I checked….


Reboot times
Best platform for HA?

That is a really open ended question. HA can run on pretty much anything and provide really good performance.

Of the three you mentioned:

No. Windows desktop is not a suitable OS for running server infrastructure. It will shut down on you unexpectedly.

Sure but there are better options.

Best option. You can size the system to meet your needs. Running 60 cameras and Frigate is going to require different hardware to a system with only a couple of light switches.

Tip when evaluating libraries: check if it’s blazing fast. If it’s fast, but the README doesn’t specify whether its fastness is blazing, keep searching. Often you can find a similar library that does the same thing, but blazingly. Blazing means good.

Also, prefer libraries that describe themselves as “minimal.” Minimal libraries are better than non-minimal libraries. Even better are “really minimal” libraries. Better still if they are “simple” or “very simple.” That’s the gold standard, really.

Andrew Clark


As Tom mention I would avoid a Synology setup. I have a Synology Rack server and I don’t run HA on it. I opted for a NUC style setup.

If it’s just HA and 4 or less cameras I would use a 1Litre PC or NUC with external HDD for camera storage.

If for HA, media storage and cameras I’d use a 1u or 2u rack server. I like used supermicro for simplicity but old dells exist and are easy to find

My security and media system are server based on a RS1221+ with the expansion unit. I previously used VM for HA, but prefer the NUC. Just my preference! Synology VM has limitations (workarounds are available) that are a bit annoying.

I am currently running in a synolgy nas. Started with PI but memory cards seem to keep failing.
So for a dedicated pc/nuc/whatever

I will try that
Thanks all

I still like this approach for a standalone smart house controller. Odroid N2+ with 4G ram and 32G emmc card will handle all the primary HA functions. I personally preferer to put noncritical smart house functions like camera processing on a separate device, as I don’t things like object detection of media to possible down my smart house.