What is the name of the zwave group card

Does anyone know how add the z-wave card to a custom group?
I can see it on the default home panel, but can’t find it in the entities list.

I’m interested in this as well

Me too!

I want to be able to move the default zwave card off the default home screen to its own view.

I’ve created a new zwave group and made it a “view”. now i need to remove the default zwave card from the home screen.

i tried hiding different entities/domains but it removed them from both views.

any way to hide the entity in one view but force it to display in another one?

You have to make your own group with the Zwave devices in, the one that appears on the default view is to represent ungrouped items AFAIK.

You cannot hide items from the default view, they’re either hidden altogether or visible in the default view.

The only way around this is to override default view with a custom view.

Yes, when you create a group to put the zwave stuff in (i.e. Z-Wave) it removes them from the default “Zwave” card but then all the groups that you have created (including the newly created Z-Wave group) shows up on the default “Home” screen.

I’d like to select which groups to show on the “Home” screen and have newly discovered (un-grouped) devices still show up there too. Right now if you create a different “default_view” rather than the default “Home” screen then if you add devices that aren’t part of another group they won’t show up anywhere. it would be easy to lose track of stuff that way, i would think.

I don’t know if that’s possible but it would be nice.

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Can’t be done presently.

Hi everyone, any news in this topic. Any way how to move Z-wave card without overriding Default view?

I want this as well… Want to customize home screen, but need to see unassociated new items somehow without digging through hundreds of entities to find a new device and see if my paring even worked or not.

Right now with a custom home screen, if I add a device, I’m not even sure if it paired or not.

I take this back, just switch to Lovelace, it has a thing called unused entities, problem solved, just switch and you are good