What is the policy for unique IDs with respect to "generic" integrations?

There are dozens of integrations which will never fulfill the Unique ID requirements outlined in
Entity Registry | Home Assistant Developer Docs.

I am talking about integrations such as:

  • MQTT
  • template
  • SQL
  • RESTful ***
  • ping
  • command line

and many more specific integrations which cannot pull enough identity data from their respective API.

Currently, some of these, such as MQTT and template, allow the creation of unique_ids in the configuration.yaml file, others such as SQL, rest and ping do not allow it.

This is extremely inconsistent!

Given that the missing unique IDs make the handling of these integrations in Lovelace very difficult and a lot of users complain about it, what should the roadmap be?

  1. Allow (and implement) the manual setting of unique_ids for these integrations?
  2. Document it clearly to users that they have to feed data from these integrations into a template integration to make them usable in Lovelace?