What is the push id found in iOS 2.0 beta for?

I’ve read most of the notification documentation found here and don’t understand what this ID is for.


For registration and rate limiting:

Ah ok so then we don’t have to provide it in our configuration? We only have to provide mostly a category among other things? (I have yet to make an actionable or a good notification so far mine have been with just a message so still don’t know everything you need.)

Hang on. I think we are talking about different things. What you are talking about is this right?

      service: notify.mobile_app_<your_device_id_here>

That’s not the push id. It’s the id of your device, like “tom_ls_phone”, so the whole service would be:

      service: notify.mobile_app_tom_ls_phone

See what yours is called here:

This can be checked in the App Configuration menu of the sidebar and defaults to the name specified in the General>About within the iOS settings app (with spaces and non alphanumeric characters replaced by underscores).

Another easy way is to go to the Configuration , Integrations menu in home assistant (not the app) and look for your mobile device. There should be a tracker entity near the bottom with this format: device_tracker.<your_device_id>

use that same id in service: notify.mobile_app_<your_device_id>

The push_id is something completely different used in the back end that you dont have to worry about.

I was talk about what you if you go to the ios 2.0 beta app App Configuration > Notifications

After “Confirm before opening URL” you see PUSH ID. It states in the bottom: This is the target to use in your Home Assistant configuration. Tap to copy or share.

What you are saying I completely understand. My was set to iphone, and I can rename this as it is an entity name either way so if I go to dev tools in HA I can change the name of the entity id if I want to.

Ok we were talking about the same thing, and no you don’t need it for notifications or actionable notifications configuration.

target can be used to specific a single device using its PushID, found in ios.conf. The preferred way of providing a target is through a target specific notify service.

So there is another way to do it using the push_id but you don’t need to.

Actually that push ID under iOS.conf is different from the one I have in my app. Go check it out. The one I have in the app is very long but the one in the iOS.conf file is much smaller

Is the push id in the app supposed to change at each launch? Running latest beta and notifications aren’t working for me currently…

I wouldn’t think. I have look at that push I’d consistently to see if it has changed. Do you mean that it has changed every time you close the app even from the background?

Stumbled on this old thread looking for the same answer and found it. Figured I’d share in case anyone else had the same question.