What is the SD card load/strain on Debian 10+HA on 64 bit systems like?

Hello everyone,
I am completely new to this project but very much interested in getting to work on it.
I am still in the information gathering stage as I would like to set up my system properly the first time around (I find it a bit painful to set up Linux over and over given that I want to run a shared OS and not dedicated).

So, I was wondering what kind of strain to expect running HA on the recommended Debian 10 image for Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB (which would be 64 bit).
I have read a few times, that ZRAM could cause issues or will cause issues on 8 GB devices. Is this true for the 64 bit version of raspi.debian.net as well? Do those images use ZRAM per default or do I need to activate it?

Other home automatic projects warn you about the strain on the SD card due to the permanent writing of data. I would assume this to be the case for HA also, or am I mistaken?

Thank you all for your help :slight_smile: