What is the second entity after installing a Zooz Zen27 zwave switch

Well, I have not installed it in the wall just yet. I power it up and trying to learn how to use it first. Kind of hard not seeing immediate results, but watching the entity. This is my first experience with a dimmer.

My question is after installing the zwave dimmer switch, there are two entities.
Why am I getting a query_stage Protocolinfo? Why are the two switches for one switch?
Here are some screenshots showing what I am seeing.


I copied the entity name into the name of the card just to make this posting clear which one I am looking at.


When I make changes to the *switch_2 I see the change on *switch. But making changes to *switch it does not affect *switch_2.

Any thoughts on what I am seeing?
BTW, still on 101.3 if that makes a difference.

I installed one of these switches today. When I included the switch, there was a zwave and light device added as expected. I suspect that the first time you included the switch, it did not complete the inclusion and then made the second entries when it concluded. I suggest you delete the existing entries and do the inclusion again.

@ceh Thnaks, I hope to mess with it this weekend, you know Holidays. I just did not want you to think you wasted your time with a response, I will get back with results. This is my first zwave, I did not know there would be two entries. So I would assume, a two switch device would have 3? One for the zwave and one for each switch?

Yes, the holidays are wonderful.

When adding a zwave device, you should get two items. A zwave… and then another device for whatever the item is, such as lock, sensor, switch, or in the case of the Zen27, light.

I hope you get it resolved.

Actually, it is working on the bench. Just the “partial” thing was confusing. I will try and re-adopt it again. I hope to install it the Saturday while I have light with the power off.
Thanks again.