What is this in PM?

please don’t @haakonstorm

I think, he thinks, you are Dutch

well, I am :slight_smile:

this is Norwegian I think…

It okay we don’t discriminate :rofl:

Have you tried pasting it into Google translate.?
It probably won’t do very well if it’s technical but it might give you a clue
Respond back in Dutch, he’ll get the idea and maybe he’ll try swaheli

It’s funny, I used to have a Dutch friend who dealt with American’s a LOT,
She said they always asked her what language she spoke ? (more precisely “in Dutchland”).
In the end she just told them it was Dutchlandian as that made them go away and look it up :rofl:

Wow, I’m very very sorry Marius! It is an incredible coincidence that you have the name “Mariusthvdb” as this is the exact name/acronym of a friend (of a friend) up here in Norway that it is a long time since I saw. He is working in tech as well, so the chance he has a Pi with HASS on it was likely.
Sorry again.
Thinking about it, it is almost poetic that I sent you a single private message to a single individual on this planet, and now that message is available for six billion people. Quantum leap.
Have a great day everyone.

o well, that is a coincidence indeed. First in a lifetime.
And thanks for your reply, no harm done. It’s just that we get the silliest PM;s every once in a while…

Since my name is one of a kind, I am truly intrigued what the acronym of your friends friends is based on. If he allows, you could always Pm me about that :wink:

cheers, and happy Homeautomating!