What is turning my Shelly off

Hey guys,
it sounds weird but I have a home automation running with node red, which turns my hot water circulation pump on and off via a shelly 2.5. I have the flow debugged like crazy but something is turning my shelly off after exactly one minute and I don’t know what it is.
This is what HA tells me:

I’m nearly sure that it’s not the flow, turning the device off (of course it couldn’t be). Do you know a reasonable way to find out, what turns it off?

Thank you in advance

There is an auto off feature on the Shelly. It can be seen on the web interface. Is it activated?

A water heater is pulling a lot of power and the Shelly 2.5 can only handle 2300W, so maybe it is one of the security features that turns it off.

thank you, ich checked that becaue im aware of this setting but i wasn’t activated


Thank you for your response but it’s just a pump with 60 watts or sth… And if there is a security switchoff, i’ll get an e-mail and a push but none of this happens

Ok, I thought it was the heating element you ran on it. :slight_smile:
But no idea then. Other than see if HA have something mentioned in Logbook.

It doesn’t say “supervisor” as the source for the turning off in the most recent log entry. So it must have happened by hardware on the shelly itself, not through NR and also not by switching in HA, either it is the shelly auto-off feature (exactly 60 seconds is very suspicious) or something happened on its switching input. Is there something connected to the switch input?

When you checked the auto-off feature in the web-UI, can you make sure you really checked the correct shelly (maybe you have more than one and just confused the IP address, try entering the web interface through the link in home assistant device info page) and also make sure you looked at the correct channel (confirm by switching it from the shelly web ui manually and see whether it indeed switches the pump?

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