What is using so much space on my VM

I’m running HA with hassio on a VM with Virtual Box.
The image size is 30 GB.
The disk free sensor shows only 4 GB left. And its getting less and less.

The home-assistant_v2.db is 2,8 GB
I have to local Snapshot. They are together 2 GBs.

2,8 + 2 + 4 = 8,8 GB

21 GB cannt be used for the system!?!

Please help

No idea? Please help

Are you running influx or any other addons?

On my system:

Container Size
Home-Assistant 1.1 GB
ESPHome 633 MB
VSCode 482 MB
InfluxDB 476 MB
SSH 421 MB
Ombi 400 MB
Grafana 322 MB


You can install the portainer add-on to look at how large each docker image on your system is, and see if that help you track things down.

Hi thanks for reply. I looked with portainer and it shows me docker images that I already uninstalled. Nearly every addon is shown there.

InfluxDB, unifi and jupyterlablite were uninstalled week ago…

Is it save to delete them in portainer?

If they show as unused, it’s safe to delete

but thats strange, too. They are all unused.
Even homeassistant:latest

If it’s unused it’s not currently in use by docker. The tag doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the one running. The image has a different guid

docker system prune

that brings me 5 GB of space!!

But nothing changed on the portainer image list. All images are still there.
I removed jupyterlablite in portainer and it freed the shonw 900 MB.

So my question are the docker images not completly removed if I uninstalled them in HASSIO??