What is valve control?


I connected a Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus by z-wave. I understand the difference between target temperature and the actual one. This is all I need.

Now there shows up a setting “valve control” having a value of “NaN”. What is it? Should I try to remove this input element from the dashboard or does it give me any use?


NaN is a Python error saying not a number - no idea why though.

If the NaN is the state in the Z-Wave entity (e.g. check the HASS Logbook), there could be an error in the Z-Wave binding device definition. It could be the device is sending null - is this configured? The device manual should explain both Z-Wave parameters which are configurable and sent.

The problem then is that by design Z-Wave JS does not fix crap non-compliant Z-Wave device behaviour as it would make matters worse and shield bad products from scrutiny.

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In case it helps, the Z-Wave JS documentation is quote readable and contains a few hints and tips (not specific to HASS though).

The device review is my favourite (after years of Fibaro issues…):

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