What is wrong with my binary sensor yaml?

I just switched to VS editor and its showing me that something is wrong with this binary_sensor entry.

I tried to go to the website it listed ,but theres nothing there.

Very first breaking change for last month.

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@tom_l What am I doing wrong here? I am trying to follow the new guidelines so I am taking them out of my binary_sensor.yaml and putting them into mqtt.yaml, and then adding a include mqtt line in configuration.yaml.

But I am getting an error when trying to restart.

You don’t need dashes in front of any lines except the first one, in this case, name

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And I took a screengrab of the new example and read it line by line comparing it to mine and didnt see anything different! Geesh!

How come you’re using MQTT and not the Shelly integration?

Responsiveness. But I heard the CoIOT protocol they use now is much faster. But feel like I’m too far in to switch back. Maybe do 1 device at a time?

Yes I pretty much have instant response nowadays