What level of complexity is possible in Home Assistant?

Hello Home Assistant community,

I wasnt sure where to submit my question so I ended up here.

I have no experience with Home assistant, smart homes or programming. But I wanted to get started with it a little bit. So I have now ordered a Raspberry pi and some basic sensors and actuators, to play around with. So Im exited for that.

But I want to know a little bit more about the level of complexity which is achievable with Home assistatnt, for a little bit further down the road.

I have this Idea of how I want to automate and visualize the need for doing chores and status of them. And I was hoping I could share it with you to get your feedback on wheter it would be possible or not to implement.

So here is my idea:

First of all I want to rig all the equipment involved in my household chores with sensors to monitor when they are done. I would give all the chores a frequency of how often they should be done, Every 2 day, 5days, 14 days and etc. (some would require other solutions than a time frequency). Also I would give every chore a criticality. Then I would like to be able to see an overview in a dashboard that sorts the list with the chores based on most days overdue + criticality. Showing me also how many days the chores are overdue. Also I would like done chores to be assigned to either myself or my girlfriend, so that it would be possible to keep track of how much household work each of us does.

Here is in more datail some of the spesific chores that would be involved:

• We have a vaccume robot. And everytime it cleans our upstars or downstairs floor I want it to be registered.

• I want to sew in nft tags into all our clothes and set up nft readers in our laundry bucket and our closets. Then I would want to set up a chore in the chores list based on how much prosentage of clean socks one if us has left e.g.

• Cleaning the bathrooms. I would like to just set up a freaquenzy for that one. And maybe just have a smart button on each of the batrooms that would be used to register that the bathroom has been cleaned.

• Taking out the trash. To tell if the trash bins are full i would like to e.g. have A IR ligth strip that monitors if trash is sticking up from the bin or something. I usually take the bins out from under the sink when i take out the. Therefore I was thinking I could have a magnetic open/closed sensor under the bin. So when I take out the bin the chore would be register as done.

• Some chores i think are not so important to get alert about having to be done, like for instance making dinner. But I would like to assign each made dinner to either me or my girlfriend.

I would like to do the same thing with all the chores, by getting a notification on my phone every evening based on what chores have been registered done that day + some defaults like dinner and dog walks. The notification would require you to answer questions about who did the chores. It could look like This maybe:

Who did chore x? 1.) Me, 2.) my girlfriend, 3.) We did it together or 4.) It wasnt done/wrong registration.

Which would be followed up by e.g. a pie chart showing the ratio of work done by each of us that week and or month.

For now Im not really asking for solutions but only asking if this level of complexity is possible to implement in Home assistant.

Thanks for any answers.


Anything is possible in Home Assistant if you have the time and money :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously, Home Assistant can handle that complexity. But you should spend some time learning more before you get started:

Okei, thanks! Yes, i will have to learn much more i think before i would potentially begin with a project like that :slightly_smiling_face:

and make sure nft tags can handle the washing machine :thinking:

Basically if you can find a sensor that register the thing you want, then you can have HA fix the rest.
If you need the action to be automated too, then your device will need to be able to get the input somehow, like its own interface or an extra added interface, like a smart plug or ESP device.