What Makes More Sense

Recently I moved from another HA System to Home Assistant. I have been using Node Red to do a lot of my previous automations and honestly I am enjoying it so far. But I have a question and I could be over or under thinking it in general.

My Goodnight Automation pretty much shuts down just about everything in the house. I have a lot of Zwave devices and pretty much I added nearly anything I could think of needing shutting down. The reverse for Waking up.

But my question is I have an Input Boolean with Awake and Sleep. I use the entity: state to watch for the change and act accordingly for sleep or awake. But I have all this crammed into one big sleep automation.

I am no wondering since I have my Node Red Flow Tabs setup for each room doesn’t it make more sense to have a State node setup for each room only firing off the sleep / awake for that room or keep it all jammed into one big automation.

I guess I am thinking of two things … Performance of the Pi but also organization of understanding it should I need to revisit it in a year or two.

Any help or suggestions would be great

Thanks guys

This is not a question; making a long “question” even harder to interpret.

Honestly, if your concern is performance the difference will be so negligible that it won’t be worth losing sleep over.
Is it easier to leave it all under one big automation and one entity? Good
Is it easier to mange sleep-per-room with an entity each? Change it

Personally, if it is a big automation, I would have all the logic in a separate flow; regardless of your “flow per room” as flows are free and won’t cost you to have one more.

I would tie between the automation and the room flows with some “link in” and “link out” so it looks neater.