What mistake am I making going from an event to an action?

Here’s the even upon which I’d like to base the action -

The relevant info is the node_id and event_label. This is what I currently have -

platform: event
event_type: zwave_js_notification
  node_id: 60
  event_label: "Keypad unlock operation"
enabled: true

I must be overlooking something, what is it?

Do you mean “automation trigger” instead of “action”?

What is not working? Is the automation not triggering? Try removing the event_label and see if it works then (even if it triggers too much). With strings like that, it’s possible there are unusual space characters that are preventing an exact match.

I don’t think event_label is a string based on your first picture as well as multiple examples in posts on this forum. Try removing the quotes from “Keypad unlock operation”.
If that doesn’t work, try Troon’s suggestion and remove the event_label line. After testing if it works without it, you can then add in

type: 6
event: 6

to narrow down the triggers to that specific event.

My code was actually working, @ShadowFist 's code works too. I was confused about the state of the action I was attempting to perform.