What none-cctv cameras do you recommend

We are having an accidental litter of puppies, they are spaniels which means high risk for theft. Old house I had Swann cctv, new house I have nothing. Dont have the time nor funds to invest in a full 4k setup (plan is to go to something like hikvision Poe eventually)

So out of all the things like Chinese in cameras, blink or ring etc (quick to set up) what would you recommend. Ideally I want the most easy to integrate into home assistant in terms of my dashboards, monitoring, combining with everything else.

I know it’s fairly vague but I don’t have long! I need to cover an alleyway, patio doors, front door.

How much is the budget ?

Minimal, I’m happy to buy something and sell it on eBay post puppies as I will be investing in a proper camera 4k system fin the summer. I mean maybe £200 to £300. I’ve looked at a combination of blink cameras as they have good resale value, maybe eufy?

I’ve seen a few hikvision value express kits on sale sub $400 in the states, have you looked to see what the entry kits are going for?

Why not even something like this as a temporary solution. Not much of an investment.


True, I’ve seen some 4 camera systems in Australia at around AU $650, and that’s 4k POE.

Good luck with it all :+1: