What 'radio' is needed to talk to Wyze Sensors

I have few Wyze windows/doors sensors 1st/2nd Gen) that I’d like to integrate in HA. My HA is installed on an RPI4. What hardware do I need to add, to have the sensors talk to my RPI/HA ?

Getting started here so, even if the information is out there, not sure how even to search for it.

Thank You.

For gen1 the Wyze bridge is plugged into your HA PC and then you install the Wyze integration.

You’re wasting your time though, because the gen1 sensors will lose their MAC address when the batteries run low and then you may as well throw them away.

For gen2, as of now, I believe you’re out of luck and they are not compatible.

Thank you, very valuable information. I have 2× Gen1 and they’re already complaining that the batteries are low. I was just about to pre-order some Gen2, but now I have to cancel that and look elsewhere. Gotta admit though, that the Startup package with Gen 2 is pretty attractive. Too bad they’re not compatible.

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Go with zigbee door/widow sensors. They’re basically the same price.