What RGBWW can lights and wafer lights work well

I currently have about 30 Tuya RGBWW can lights and wafer lights. I use them as my soffit Down lights so we can change the color for different holidays and I use them in my basement so I can control each light to create scenes for the theater area. The problem is the Tuya lights have horrible connections. They almost never all connect to the wifi at the same time, and I have a robust wifi network (Unifi with 11 access points).

Is there a better alternative RGBWW can and wafer light that works well with HA?

Can you try flashing with openbeken if that improves the wifi connection?
I’ve got around 15 led bulbs running openbeken, except for 1 bulb that i swapped with esp. Had the same wifi issue on stock or custom firmware.

Do you mean that you also had issues with Tuya devices staying connected? And flashing it with ESPhome and Openbeken didn’t solve the wifi connectivity issue?

No, just the 1 bulb
Could be a tuya chip problem though.
Desoldered, replaced with esp32 and it’s working with stable wifi connection