What’s going on?

I woke up this morning to one of my door sensors not being available. So I went into the zigbee integration to see what was up. I hit reconfigure device and it immediately says it was susccessful, but none of the info for the device is populated . So I figure I’ll reboot the machine… so I go to supervisor and hit reboot host. The supervisor disappears and is no longer accessible. The reboot never took place. And I can still login to my hass. But now I have absolutely no way to shutdown or reboot to fix this. I’m hoping there’s not any corruption going on as I just got everything situated and cleaned up the way I want it. Then I notice something else that’s odd. My 500gb hard drive says I’m using over 35% of it and it’s constantly going down. I’m losing almost 2 gb an hour and I can’t seem to figure out where it’s going.

if you are logged into hass can’t you run reboot or shutdown? >$reboot
>$shutdown now

Unplug and replug in the computer as last resort.

2gb per hours !!! wtf
a camera recording?
database is mad?
hassio won’t reboot if you have a mistake in configuration.yaml, you should see that in the logs

No it didn’t, it just moved - as per the release notes.

Yes it did completely disappear. I am well aware of the menu changes which occurred a long time before I started having these issues. When I say completely disappeared, I mean the page where it should be, is a 404. Ad in the supervisor is not accessible at all.

Can’t type reboot if there’s no where to type reboot. I cannot access the cli when the thing is completely bogged down. Besides I have no monitor or keyboard attached. Unplugging only allows me to access the menu for a few seconds before everything locks up. I had to get in when I could, stop add-one from starting on boot, stop containers from starting automatically, and had to delete all on board backups to get enough space so I could get in quick enough to initiate a restore from online backup. Which only kinda helped as now I have half of my hard drive missing and no where in the system can I find enough files to accommodate the amount of data that is just gone. So now I’m leery to even perform the simple weekly updates.