What’s the current state of physical button pushers?

Hi all,

I’ve got a few automation projects in the pipeline that will require dumb analog buttons be pushed. I lack the time at the moment to roll something custom so I’ve been looking into off the shelf options.

I did some searching here and elsewhere and could not come up with a solid answer on what is working for people device wise with home assistant.

Are you using Switchbot with success? Fingerbot? Pushbot? Something else?

Would appreciate anyone sharing what works for you and how it’s set up.


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Switchbot has an integration.

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I mainly have the same problem, and whatever I found is really overkill compared to the original problem which is really “just to push a physical button”.
Somewhy these kind of fingerbots are using only BT (I haven’t found any with zigbee or wifi).
To be able to reach BT devices from a longer range, usually ESP32 boards are used to convert Bluetooth to WIFI. (Certanly if you have Bluetooth on Your HA instance and the range is not so long, it can also work some diferent way.)
There is an integration which uses ESP32 boards (only some types are suitable!) to convert Switchbot messages to MQTT messages (over WIFI). HA then is able to catch this MQTT messages and You can create automations e.g. in Node Red.
Temm me if You fond a better/easier way… :slight_smile:



Using SwitchBot bot/curtain/meter/contact/motion MQTT ESP32 bridge - Local control for close to a year now with a standard switchbot, solid as a rock. I did give the direct native HA integration another try after the re-release of bluetooth support later last year, but it’s still no comparison.
Yes, it’s somehow sad that you need an extra esp32 for that approach, but as mentioned: never failed me once.

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Yes, this is the integration I referred to, it’s good to hear that it is such a roboust solution in real life too.
Do You use Mosquito MQTT Broket and Node Red on top to integrate the bot into a Workflow, or some other solution just to call it from teh dashboard?
Do you know if it supports push and hold? I would need this to a case, when teh button must be hold for 3-5 secs.

Mosquito indeed, other than that just automations, dashboard calls, and linked it to my telegram bot for remote access.

I don’t ust pushandhold, so you’ll have to take a look into the documentation to find out.

Thanks for your responses everyone.

I went ahead and picked up a Switchbot to try out. Was pretty amazed how HA almost instantly picked up the Bluetooth device and I was able to add it to the dashboard. It works fine when in the same room as my HA server but unfortunately loses range and stops working if I take it out of the room (like literally another five feet away lol).

I’m going to try a USB dongle with USB extension cable first as it’s not that much further I need to place the Switchbot.

If that fails I’ll try the MQTT setup.

Will update on how it goes.

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Thanks! I have the same problem with my Switchbot pushbot’s not being detected by HA (on ha os) the rpi 4’s built in or with a usb bluetooth dongle.

So I guess the answer the OP’s question is

Bad. The situation is really bad.

What about via a bluetooth proxy?

Also, which of these issues (if any) is yours? Issues · home-assistant/core · GitHub