What sensors can I get to detect people in chairs or bed work with HA?

Hi All,

I am looking for any type of sensors that can help me to position family members inside the house in a particular room or a particular location.

How can I know that somebody is sitting at the dining table, so I can turn that particular light on?

Should I be looking at some pressure sensor for the chair? or some very short range motion sensor or some sort of heat sensor etc??? What solutions exist for this type of detection?

I also want a sensor for bed so I could do things automatically when i go to bed and lay down?
Could also be useful to count hours of sleep?

In general, what is available to location a person in a very specific part of the house aside from a general motion sensor?

Thank you all.

There’s something which might be useful for you: Anyone seen this (Find internal positioning)?
I didn’t try it though, only went through their docs

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Take a look at petewill Youtube channel.
He uses the mysensors platform, and made some bed and chair occupancy sensors.


Thank you! will look into it.

Interested in the petewill bed sensor, anyone know if this is available in MQTT format?

It looks like you can make a MQTT gateway https://www.mysensors.org/build/mqtt_gateway

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i am interested do buid a chair or bed occupancy sensor, but i dont want to use mysensor, only esp8266 mqtt.
any solutions?

I just ordered a aqara vibration sensor and want to try if the sensor will detect me as a person when sitting on it.

Still waiting for China supplies