What should be added to the individual device energy section?

In the new energy feature I have both my total and daily total showing. Which is the correct one?

What’s the difference between the individual devices and grid consumption?

For example I have sensors on my office and then each individual server. Should I be adding the office to the “grid consumption” and then each server to the “individual devices” section?

So weirdly it also looks like I can add the same device multiple times, I’m guessing this is a bug?

I don’t think the individual devices add together anywhere. As far as I can tell it’s simply a visualization of where your power is being consumed.

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It’s just a little confusing when I goto the link provided for “more info” and there’s not really anything explain what to select, etc. and with having to wait 2 hours to see any results it’s kinda hard to debug.

So turns out those daily and total we’re my own old templates that I forgot about. Looking at my integrations though I see 3 different inputs I can use. Anyone know which one is meant to be used here?

Guessing I need to pass one of these into an integration sensor to get it from W to kWh?

You should be able to just use the ‘office total consumption’ entity since that should be in kWh’s already and will be an ever increasing value.