What should be done after adding a switch to sync with Alexa?

Following an addition of a switch in HA I want to be able to control it through Alexa.
The cloud status seems connected in HA, discovery has been tried as well but no luck finding the newly-added switch. Any idea on what should be done ?

Thanks in advance

Restart the HA via SSH.

Already done…

So all your switch are sync and one did not show?
or you add how to add all switch to sync with Alexa?

did you add alexa you your config?

  type: alexa
  listen_port: 8300

New ones doesn’t sync, I haven’t added the emulated hue type.
Other switches do show

try to add the hub :wink:

Didn’t work… any other suggestions ?

  1. Alexa App. You have to add home assistant skill from alexa app. register, login.
  2. HA. put cloud: and config: in your configuration.yaml file. Restart your ha. Go to configuration panel in HA frontend, sign in to cloud then you can see ‘connected’
  3. Back to alexa app go Smart Home >devices>click add device

Thanks for your reply @Sunonline but I have already gone through all these steps and still the switch in question won’t show in Alexa, this was my initial issue