What should be the server specs for 30 thin clients?

This is Nazim. I need a solution for 30 users. I need a server with 30 clients. Clients(Remote Sensing & GIS Students) will work together under a server without individual PCs. All data will be stored on the server. Can anyone help with the hardware specs by mentioning storage capacity and the hp server model?

Hi Nazim, and welcome to the forums. You’re a bit vague on what you are asking - a Home Assistant installation will not consume much more storage with 1 or 30 users. More details would be nice to be able to answer you better. This is not a feature request either, so I am moving it.

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What solution?

Are you sure this is related to Home Assistant?

thanks for ur suggestion.

30 students doing GIS work is going to be pretty intensive. Your problem isn’t HA related. You need to study the requirements for the GIS software you’re using and size your system to that. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with thin client systems, but my guess is you’re going to find it’s more cost effective overall to just buy 30 regular clients.

But of course no-one here (or on a GIS forum) can help you without more specifics. If I had to guess, I’d say throwing a small HA installation for remote monitoring onto a high-powered server isn’t going to change the hardware requirements much.

Emm, what does this OP have to do with home automation :interrobang: :thinking: