What should I back up?


Yesterday, buy mistake, I run a command line which removed all my home assisatnt folder :man_facepalming:

That is not an issue. I have a backup, or more accurate, I have a backup of most of the things. It was relatively very easy to restore the configuration. Mainly because 95% of the configuration is in YAML files. It was very easy to restore.

The 5% that left are all the configurations that can be done only from the UI. This 5% required much much more time to recover (untill I find what is missing and one by one configure them).

What are the files that need to be saved to allow faster recovery of all these inetgrations?

I hope that the Home Assistant team will reconsider and will keep the option to configure via YAML files, or at least allow integrations that do both. I assume it is not for all, but I think there are enough pepole who prefer this method.

Why not restore a snapshot?

Running a docker image. Do I have an option to create snapshot from docker?

No you don’t.

But you can back up the entire docker container. https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/commandline/save/

Or you can just save all of the files (including all of the hidden directories/files in the .storage directory) located in your config directory.

That’s what I do. The only file I exclude is the home-assistant_v2.db which can get pretty big and isn’t critical.