What siren/touch screen to use? Alarm system

Hello community!
I’m searching a good siren/camera to protect my home…
I’m completely newbie in home assistant. For the moment I’ve my garage door connected with HA… some philips hue lights and a door sensor too (who turns the light on when I open it) and I read that alarmo is a good plug-in to install if I want an alarm system.
Here is my gear :

  • Rpi4 with HA
  • USB rfxcom RFXtrx433XL
  • USB zigbee Conbee 2
  • USB Zwave+ everspring
  • 1 aqara door opening sensor
  • 1 philips hue movement sensor
  • some Hue bulbs
    Do you know a good siren can I use with my stuff? I don’t care about protocol, just want not to expensive but with good decibel volume and ok with my stuff I already have.
    I m searching a touch screen for the alarm code too…
    And last question :
    Is it possible that when alarm is triggered, lights twinkle automatically?
    My budget is about 150/200 euros for a siren, a screen/tablet and maybe a camera like xiaomi (if its good).
    Thx for your help!!

Welcome to the forum.

There are plenty of threads on this. Have a search.

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Thank you for the welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m searching. I ve saw the Kerui J008 for the siren… But I want to be sure if it can be ok with Alarmo for example…
And I want to be sure to not buy a bad thing

Eh. That’s a 433MHz RF device. There are much better protocols like zigbee, zwave and wifi.

Also, answer your messages Dave! image

Hahaha, not messages, bookmark reminders I haven’t had time to action.

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Any ZWave siren for example will work with Alarmo.

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OK so I go with zwave…! :heart:

Do you have a zwave adaptor already?

If so that would be a good choice.

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I have the USB zwave+ Everspring

I am using more than 15 zigbee sensors with CC2652P custom USB dongle. I have 3 sonos speakers

When alarm is triggered then a local mp3 file is played on all sonos speakers.

Cheaper way would be to make own network speaker with picoreplayer

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What do you think about the AEOTEC siren 6? The volume is ok for an alarm security?