What smart LED driver (+dimming) do you recommend?

I have the following setup for my bathroom light ceiling casing:

220V going to this LED driver:

which goes to the LED panel:

I assume the sticker on the LED itself is wrong, since it says 220V while the driver output is 24/48V.

I would like to be able to dim this LED light (dimmer at night when you go to the bathroom). Any good devices around that can do this and be integrated in HA? I was thinking about Shelly Dimmer 2 but I don’t think it outputs DC voltage, can’t seem to find info on that.

What hardware do you recommend?

ps. the previous owners installed the lamp, I searched for it and I believe this is the one: https://www.gamma.be/nl/assortiment/prolight-plafonniere-geintegreerde-led-vierkant-12-w-750-lumen/p/B545927

Alternatively, what are other (dimmable, wifi/zigbee) smart lights that are nice for a bathroom that I can replace this thing with?