What sort of uptime should one expect from wireless nodes?

So I’m running Particle Photons as wireless (WiFi, not radio) nodes connected to my HA setup.

Yesterday I went a whole 24 hours with solid 100% uptime.

Overnight, god knows what went on in my house with the WiFi or my internet connection because my nodes (which NEED to maintain their cloud/external internet connection to function) were dropping in and out periodically.

This is really messing with my head.

What kind of uptime do we consider acceptable and what do we consider unacceptable?

Also bonus points if anyone can suggest a way I can monitor WHAT is going offline - how do I know if it’s “just” my WiFi OR the internet connection itself?

If it’s the net connection perhaps I can complain to my ISP and get them to improve it, if it’s my WiFi perhaps I can run a dedicated AP instead of doing what I’m doing now and using a single device as router and WiFi AP.

The thing is, the device is sometimes more than capable of doing both jobs. Like yesterday. Today, not so much!

Well with decent wifi they should be 24/7. But then again I have ubiquiti wifi gear. But it should be stable.

Try a ping sensor to your photon devices. That’ll tell you something.

Alright I’ve taken the plunge and spent £100 on a Ubiquiti AP…let’s see if that helps…!

Ahhhhhnd no, it doesn’t :frowning:

As a technique to find out where the problem is, I would use some ping sensors set up to check your router, the photon website, and various others such as google and amazon, to see what is going down and when.

But I don’t, and won’t, rely on anything internet based.

Thanks, I will do that. It’s really annoying that these things are so bloody unreliable. It’s the weak link in my home automation setup. So demoralising to login to Home Assistant and see it lie to me about lack of events and I KNOW it’s not Hass’s fault it’s my Particle wireless nodes…