What speed does the wind have when it’s so strong, it slams your doors?

What speed do the wind/wind gusts have when they are so strong, they slam your doors?

This is something that happens to me on some days of the year. I thought it was at wind gust speeds above 15 km/h since that’s what it was on a day where that’s happened but apparently it’s not.

I have used that speed as a trigger for an automation that’s supposed to notify me to close the windows on such days but it has been overshooting and giving me notifications on most days of the year.

I’ve also thought about using gust warnings such as the ones from the weather app as a trigger as I believe, they may be more accurate indicator for when the issue is going to happen but I would need an integration that has this type of warning and also has enough weather stations in Germany so that it’s accurate enough

I will try out the so-called weather alerts for extreme weather conditions from accuweather at a later point of time but as of right now I can’t because I just figured my nodered doesn’t work at all randomly XDdddd

That’s impossible for anyone else to really calculate for you, it depends on the size of your door, it’s orientation to the wind, the weight of the door, the resistance of the hinges, etc.

Trial and error is the only way. I have the same automation in mine for when wind speed or gusts hit 6 miles per hour and it fires only when needed.

Mine work like this:

  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.weatherflow_wind_speed
    above: 6.5
  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.weatherflow_wind_gust
    above: 10

While wind may slam doors, I believe there is no safe wind speed when it comes to draught. If there is a path for air to another side of the house, air will flow due to differences in air pressure on either side. These differences will always be there, for instance because of temperature differences due to the orientation of the sun.

So maybe you are better off checking for opposite open doors or windows. I have a door closer on my living room door which reacts to front- and backdoor being open, even inside the house:

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That’s true.
You wrote this explanation better than I could!