What Text Editor do you use?

Hi All

Just wondering what Text Editor is the best to use

I suppose you use windows, so Notepad++


Hi @touliloup yes windows

So Notepad++ is I guess a good choice.

But any text editor should be ok. As long as you don’t keep all your config in one file by splitting up the configation and by using packages file

Also If you use Notepad++ checkout the plugin NppFTP to connect to your HA install machine without another tool / smb share.



Also N++ related, this:


Thanks for this - it is one of those things that seems obvious in retrospect, but I never bothered to look for. Just installed and configured. a bit more convenient than WinSCP. I appreciate the tip!

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Atom… multi platform… check it… very useful

Been using N++, Bracket, Atom and now on Visual Studio Code. Love it !

I have been following a lot of discussions on the forum about another way of configuring home assistant. And one option that comes to mind is developing a plugin for one of the above with “language support” of the configuration editing…


I’ve been stuck on Atom after having used notepad++ & sublime text. If you enable some packages like pigments, color picker, yaml linting and icons it’s really sweet. Just mount your config folder on your computer (with samba or nfs or whatever) and then open it as a project directory in atom.

I use ConText for pretty much everything. Free and I’m pretty happy with it, although it caused me problems pasting in a non UTF-8 symbol once…

visual studio is very nice!

what and where is it?

Atom, it is simply the best and works with most programming languages, also it is open source.

I think both Atom and Visual Studio Code are great and have both good yaml support.
I have a windows machine and on there I find Visual Studio Code a bit better to work with…

(Microsoft ? Open Source ? Yes ! the Satya Nadella era !)

I prefer to use Codelobster

could you tell me how to do this thanks i am using the ip address and the port number that comes up on the home assistant page in the browser but it just says connecting but never connect i did use putty to generate a certificate found a video on line …he was using port 22 ,.but that does not work for me …sory all new to this just looking for some help …was looking to configure yamal …but i dont no what i need to put in to cmd loads for raspberry pie but can’t find any for windows …so thought i would try notpad ++

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I started with N++ but have since moved to sublime text.

+1 for vscode. Especially with a YAML linter!

Atom from GitHub